• Bring technology into the 21st century
  • Make it easier for customers to spend money
  • Provide a higher level of service
  • Reduce labor need through efficiency

Starts with a RFID band

  • Associate a credit card with the parent’s RFID band
  • Parents use their phone to send money to their kid’s band
  • Money can be spent anywhere in the park (Food, Drinks, Games, Retail, etc.)
  • Great for Waterparks, Swim up bars, Arcades, Active activities, and more

Higher Levels of Service

  • Don’t let distance or long lines discourage customers from spending money
  • Employees can initiate sales by using Mobile POS to take orders for refreshments or camping supplies
  • Or have customers order themselves through the app
  • Send those orders to a kitchen or fulfillment center and have them delivered
  • Use Self Service Kiosks to have more ordering stations open without incurring more payroll costs

Full Waterpark Software

  • Admission
    • Tickets
    • Access Control
    • Self Service Kiosk
  • Online and local Cabana Rental
  • Mobile POS for admission, cabana orders, retail, and more
  • Season Passes
  • Food and Beverage
  • Retail
  • Use RFID bands for purchases or admission tickets

Arcade Software

  • Native Cashless System for games
  • Self Service Kiosk
  • Redemption Software for Prize Counter
  • Local and Online Party Booking

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