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Increase revenue by going cashless! Customers tend to spend more when they don’t have to make a buying decision each time they play a game or choose an attraction.

Cashless Features

  • Flash Reader
  • Self-serve Kiosks
  • Mobile One
  • Ticketed or ticketless
  • Sell time play and entitlements
  • Adjust prices
  • Loyalty Clubs
Cashless Card Arcade System

What It Does

 Ideal makes it easy and operations become much simpler.

Incentivize a larger up-front purchase by allowing your guest to load up a debit card that can be used anywhere in your facility, including any Point-of-Sale location. Check out the different elements of the Ideal Cashless System, including Game Card Readers, Access Control Enclosures (for use with or without turnstiles), and Kiosks (automated card purchase/recharge stations).

You get more ways to drive business, including Time Play, Lock Ins, and Packages.


Based on more than 30 years of industry experience, Ideal has raised the bar again with this third generation reader. The Flash Reader will even continue to operate if offline. Business Uninterrupted.

The Flash Reader is easy to install and maintain, wired or wireless, on a reliable network.

Increase Revenue

Going cashless is a great strategy for increasing sales. Cashless Express features the Ideal Flash Reader IR, infrared optical debit-card  reader that creates excitement when players win.

Cashless Arcade Game

Customers who use debit-style cards typically spend 15% more.

Tell Me More

Customers spend more up front. One great feature is having the ability to set prices in smaller increments than a quarter. Adjust prices automatically in peak/off peak times. Entitlements let you give rights to certain attractions. Packages can be loaded on cards with entitlements and cash. Supports free play, time play and discounts. Supports cashless food and beverage service at POS locations.

Customers play more freely once value is on the card.

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Let IdealOne Transform Your Business

Only IdealOne amusement software provides modules for every area of your entertainment business. We offer hardware plus an all-in-one software that includes modules for point of sale, cashless game play, events booking, self serve kiosks and more. Learn more about how we can help your company grow.

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