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Flash Reader

Ideal Cashless Card Arcade System combines innovative, reliable optical card-scanning technology with a double-sided barcode reader to keep customers playing.

Flash Reader Features

  • Attractive, back-lit reader unit
  • Creates and exciting multimedia reward environment
  • Stunning, full-motion video and sound
  • Four-way scanning to ensure successful swipes every time
  • Wireless operation makes installation simple and cost effective
  • Redundant built-in processor gives your operation crucial reliability
Cashless Card Arcade System

What It Does

The Flash Reader possesses an easy-to-read screen with exciting, animated graphics on a large, bright display.

The LED-illuminated body of the reader can be customized to flash in any of 65,000 available colors.  Set a color to communicate the transaction status to your guest.  Set a color to show the status of the game itself.  Set a color to indicate groups of games.  The possibilities are endless.

The Flash Reader provides the best guest experience of any reader in the industry.

The Flash Reader features a compact, surface mount package designed for easy installation.  The reader is connected to a controller placed inside the machine.  If physical damage occurs to the reader, it is simply unplugged, 2 bolts removed, and replaced. This protects the critical internal electronics from external damage.

The Flash Reader uses bar code technology based on optics instead of magnetic swipes which require contact.

This means less maintenance and more reliability.

Increase Revenue

Going cashless is a great strategy for increasing sales. Cashless Express features the Ideal Flash Reader IR, infrared optical debit-card  reader that creates excitement when players win.

Cashless Arcade Game

Customers who use debit-style cards typically spend 15% more.


Ideal Software was one of the first companies to introduce RFID technology to an arcade.  This technology offers fantastic flexibility and creative marketing ability when combined with RFID wristbands, key-tags as well as game cards. Dramatically increase the efficiency and security of any type of amusement facility by taking advantage of the benefits that RFID can provide for cashless point-of-sale, vending, access control and other guest applications.

RFID technology offers fantastic flexibility and creative marketing ability.

rfid card readers

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