RFID Technology (also known as Radio Frequency Identification) has been transforming the entertainment industry. This technology uses radio waves to transfer digital information between a chip and reader. The applications for family entertainment centers, waterparks and amusement parks are endless. Check out some of the ways implementing RFID could help your business.

RFID Features

  • Improve admissions process
  • Faster access to attractions
  • Reduce staffing costs
  • Improve operations
  • Gather intelligent data

Improve Admissions Process

Your check-in process is a guest’s first experience when they visit your family entertainment center or amusement park. The RFID wristbands or cards that Ideal offers can be pre-authorized and sent to guests in the mail, which will allow an easy self-check-in arrival. The RFID technology can also be easily re-programmed at a POS station to renew season passes or help a guest who’s wristband was lost or stolen.

Make a positive first impression by providing a quick and simple check-in process.

Faster Access

By eliminating the need for tickets, ID cards, or print-outs, RFID wristbands allow guests the fastest access to rides and attractions. Instead of having to search through a bag for their ticket, guests have their access pass always ready.

Reduce Staffing Costs

By automating park admissions and attraction access, FEC owners can reduce the number of employees needed to handle those areas. Less staff also decreases the costs associated with training additional employees.

With a quick tap of an RFID band, guests can get right to the fun.

Secure Cashless Transactions

In addition to admission, the RFID wristbands can be configured for cashless payments. This gives guest the option of paying for in-park items like cabana rentals, food, and merchandise without needing to carry cash or a wallet through the park. Even better, studies have show that the cashless process results in an average increased spend per-head between 15-30%.

An Interactive, Hands-Free Experience

Guests don’t need to worry about carrying cash, keys and credit cards so they can more fully enjoy the entertainment facilities. Instead, the focus is all about having fun. This increases impulse spending on additional attractions, food and merchandise. Opt for a waterproof wristband, and waterpark guests can enjoy all the attractions without worry.

Take advantage of all the benefits RFID technology provides with IdealOne.

Family Benefits

Even children can enjoy the perks of RFID-enhanced wristbands. Parents can prepay a set amount on the band, set spending limits or disable the payment option completely. It can even be used for safety purposes.  By linking a child’s wristband to their parent’s account, it can prevent minors from entering certain areas or help lost children get reunited with their family by pinpointing their last location

Operation Improvements

Gone are the days of counterfeit tickets and passes. The RFID technology ensures that all revenues are properly accounted for. Guests won’t need to worry about theft when they don’t need to carry cash, credit cards, or wallets. The RFID system also allows easy cancellation and re-issue in the case of an RFID wristband being lost or stolen.

Intelligent Data

The RFID chip automatically collects data and analytics from guests. You’ll be able to track which attractions are the most popular, peak hours, spending habits and more. Once you chart how guests use, interact with, and move around your entertainment facility, you’ll be able to improve operations and increase revenue. In real-time, venue managers can see crowd trends and allocate staff as needed.

Learn your guests’ spending and playing habits to improve your business.

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