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Access Control Turnstiles

Your lines move with ease. Your reporting is strong. Your customers are all smiles.

Turnstile Features

  • Efficient ride management
  • Supports bi-directional turnstile operation
  • Use cashless cards, wristbands or RFID
  • Protects against theft
  • Supports timed attraction access
  • Handles season passes
  • Hourly usage reporting

What It Does

Ideal ACE provides cost-effective, control functionality for any attraction with, or without, a turnstile.

An optional hand-held barcode scanner is available, making Ideal’s ACE the perfect access point for gate-entry attractions. The enclosure is built to withstand weather exposure with its rust-free, solid-welded design, making it perfect for outdoor locations.

Ideal’s ACE the perfect access point for gate-entry attractions.

Take the Ideal Access Control Enclosure (ACE) technology indoor or outdoor to control your amusement rides and attractions. This rugged metal control assembly is designed for point-of-entry control at every attraction in your Family Entertainment Center (FEC).

Turnstile Access Control

Use indoors or outdoors.

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