Customer App

Take the guest experience to a new level with a Customer App branded for your business. Your clients can perform a variety of tasks from the palm of their hand, in any convenient location. By giving customers the control to manage their own accounts and game cards, you’ll improve guest satisfaction and reduce your staffing needs.

Customer App Features

  • White-label branding for YOUR business
  • Securely saves customer profiles
  • Encrypted credit card data can be saved
  • Clients can upload profile photo
  • Stores multiple Game Card balances for entire family
  • Recharge Game Cards

What It Does

Convenient purchasing boosts customer spend.

Give your guests increased access to products and services with a branded IdealOne Customer App. With the app, customers can manage their accounts and game cards while traveling on-route to your facility or waiting in line for an attraction. With an interactive and simple interface, the IdealOne Customer App is easy to use. Customers can store multiple game card entries, and use the app to check balances or add additional value. Encrypted credit card data allows impulse purchasing by removing steps from the transaction process.

Utilize A Direct Marketing Channel

The IdealOne Customer App can provide general information such as pricing or hours. It’s also a great tool for communicating with guests. When used along with the OneMarketing module, you can send targeted promotions to some or all of your customers. Having a special sale on season passes? Send a push notification directly through the Customer App.

Communicate with push notifications.

Case Study

Dad is driving his family of five to a family entertainment center. Mom receives a push notification to her phone that sales made through the Customer App receive an extra 5% bonus. Mom is able to load each child’s game card with $20 each and take advantage of the bonus offer. Her family game cards and credit card info were already stored in the Customer App, which makes checkout quick. When they arrive at the arcade, they can get right to the fun without waiting on any purchasing lines. The entertainment center employees have more time to provide personalized customer service in other areas.

Kids are happy, parents saved money, and the entertainment center made an easy sale.

Case Study

An amusement park has a new attraction and wants to let repeat customers be the first to know. Using OneMarketing tools, the park owner is able to draft a push notification to the Customer App that publicizes the new ride. The notification includes an incentive: “Buy One Admission Ticket, Get One Half Off” when you purchase through the app. Customers with the app are given special priority with the news, and are able to take advantage of a special sale just for them.

The Customer App proved its value to both the park owner and the invested customers.

Gain The Advantage

The IdealOne Customer App gives you an edge over competitors.

Enhance the visibility of your brand with a while-label customized app for your guests. They’ll appreciate the convenience and exclusivity of the features it provides. You get to increase customer engagement while reducing staffing costs, and can send important information right to their phones. The benefits of the IdealOne Customer App will only continue to grow – with new features like in-app purchases and party booking in development. Make the right choice for your company and contact one of our sales representatives to get started with your own Customer App.

IdealOne is truly one system that does it all!

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