POS Software for Family Entertainment Centers (FEC)

If you’re looking for software to manage your family entertainment center, you have found the solution here. We have the ideal suite of products to run your FEC, all in one integrated system. From cashless game play to party booking, IdealOne has the modules you need.

Software Features for FECs

  • Point of Sale
  • Controlled Entry
  • Food & Beverage
  • Employee Management
  • Online Ticketing
  • Online Booking
  • Electronic Waivers
  • Capacity Control

Point of Sale

With one simple software, improve guest experience, go cashless, sell tickets, player cards, concessions or full restaurant, combos, season passes, inventory control, recipe building, loyalty programs, mobile POS, and more. Utilize robust reporting to get to full visibility and control of your family entertainment center business.

Improve guest experience.

Ideal Trampoline POS

Go Cashless

Increase your revenue when you go cashless. Cashless lets your customers spend money easily and in more places (i.e. POS, gift stores, arcade, attractions… and more).  Ticketless tracking to enable more function of a game card used at your Redemption counter still all with one piece of software. Ideal Cashless System allows the ability to add and track value added to a card as well as tickets and entitlements for attractions. Easily reload cards from POS, App or full service Kiosk.

Since it’s part of the Ideal One system, all functionality and reporting is all in one place.

Cashless Arcade Kiosk

Sell new cards, recharge existing cards, sell packages, register cards. Every registered card goes in to your customer database for marketing possibilities.

Reduce lines with kiosks.

Cashless Kiosk
Turnstile Access Control

Access Control

Control lines to regulates which guests have paid access to attraction(s). Simple reporting tracks attendance and/or popularity of an attraction.

Easily track attendance and  popularity of an attraction with controlled entry.

Food & Beverage

If your FEC is going to have a kitchen, snack bar or full service restaurant, Ideal’s POS software food and beverage module is just what you need.  If you’re generating or receiving inventory PO’s to vendors, use our advanced inventory tracking, kitchen printer, digital kitchen system (KDS) or our recipe building suite.

Let Ideal do all the inventory work so you don’t have to.

trampoline f&b_QSR

Event Booking

Online party and event booking is one of our specialties.  Every order online flows directly into Ideal’s POS software event scheduling calendar to avoid double booking.  Customer’s will have the ability to send invitations through an online invitation system and party invites will also send out links to online waivers. All parts of the party will be prepared and guests go straight to enjoying their reservation.

Online party and event booking is one of our specialties.

Online Tickets

Whether it’s a scheduled ticket or a same day ticket or a ticket to one or many attractions.  Customers will be sent redeemable QR coded ticket expediting lines and improving guest experience.

Expedite lines and improve guest experience.


Guest experience is the key to success.  Ideal’s POS software’s simple waiver system offers the ability to have customers fill out their waivers at home before they arrive or at a kiosk made for your business that will expedite your lines.  All waivers are searchable in the POS system and can be attached to customer’s receipts.  Reporting and historical order lookup will give you the piece of mind you’re looking for.

Have customers fill out their waivers at home before they arrive or at a kiosk that will expedite your lines.

Capacity Manager

Ideal’s POS software has mastered the art of integrated capacity management. Sell by the time or buckets of time, perfect for Laser Tag, Special Events, Escape Rooms and more. When selling time online or locally everything flows into one simple software solution.

When selling time online or locally everything flows into one simple software solution.

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