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Take advantage of our background knowledge of the entertainment sector with customized advertising campaigns to market your family entertainment center, waterpark, trampoline park, or more. Our team of marketing experts will help grow your entertainment business using existing data from your IdealOne POS system. Our essential marketing services puts you in control of reaching your customers with personalized reminders and incentives.

OneMarketing Features

  • Collaborate with our team of marketing specialists to maximize your ROI
  • Our team makes it easy and simple for you – full service means less work for you
  • Relay communications to clients via email, text, or the app – or choose a combination of all three methods
  • Send email campaigns to all customers or just a select group
  • Notify customers by text of renewal incentives or new promotions
  • Provide a Customer App that’s branded for your business
  • Allow clients to securely store their credit card data and purchasing profile
  • Reduce advertising expenses to third party companies

What It Does

OneMarketing provides an impressive suite of tools to grow your business.

Like all the other components of IdealOne software suite, OneMarketing operates from the same database as modules like Point of Sale, Events, Online Commerce or Food & Beverage. When customers make purchases, such as season passes or game cards, their information is stored to a client profile. Your IdealOne database gives you valuable insight on your guests’ spending habits that can be used for targeted marking campaigns.

With the ability to communicate with all your guests, or just a select group, you can customize incentives for for season pass holders or frequent visitors. Imagine the ease of creating a promotion, and then notifying your customers by your choice of communication. Opt to send email, text, or app notification – or utilize all three methods for maximum reach.

Provide real benefit to customers with personalized purchase recommendations and discounts.

Let Our Insider Experience Benefit You

Want to grow your business but don’t know where to start? Our team of marketing consultants can help you craft the perfect promotion to jumpstart sales. IdealOne’s team of experts has worked with companies in all areas of the entertainment business, from water parks to arcades to trampoline parks. We can provide creative ideas on the best ways to reach your customers and utilize your IdealOne software to its full potential. Once you learn all the benefits of a single integrated platform, you’ll be able to use data from Food & Beverage sales, Point of Purchase sales, kiosk sales, online sales, event bookings, and more for one cohesive marketing campaign.

Expand your business with the help of our marketing consultants.

Case Study

A waterpark owner wants to send renewal emails to season pass holders. By selecting this group of customers, the owner sends an email blast providing a direct link to renew. The email includes an incentive: “Renew in the next 30 days, and receive a free parking upgrade.” Customers are able to renew their passes online via a direct link to their customer account, or by logging in to a customer app. All their credit card purchasing info is securely stored to make it even easier. No extra staff is needed to process the renewals. The waterpark owner can review the email’s success rate based on how many people opened the email and how many opted to renew. Best of all, the renewals are all processed on the existing customer accounts (there’s never a need for new profiles).

Customers enjoyed a seamless renewal process, and the waterpark owner saw increased turnover.

Case Study

It’s a few hours from closing time, and the floor manager wants one last push to boost sales. By using game card data he selects all the customers who are currently in the facility. He can send a text notification informing guests to “Purchase $10 extra game play and receive a bonus $2. Offer expires in one hour.” Guests can easily receive the bonus offer by reloading their game cards at a self-service kiosk, at a POS station, with an employee walking the floor with a mobile POS device, or by logging in to their Customer App.

The floor manager increased sales for the night, and customers were rewarded with extra game play.

Fully Integrated Marketing Solution

OneMarketing operates in unison with all the other IdealOne modules.

IdealOne’s entire suite of modules opens the door to a world of possibilities. As one of the original and most trusted Point of Sale software choices for the entertainment business, our clients manage their entire facility with one powerful tool. Click here to learn how OneMarketing works along with our Customer App.

IdealOne is truly one system that does it all!

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