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Play, Win, Redeem and Control Your Inventory With Ease.

Redemption Features

  • Reduce labor
  • Increase throughput
  • Improve guest service
  • Integrates with scales and ticket eaters
  •  Inventory control
  • Re-order reports

What It Does

Ideal RCM dramatically improves customer service at the redemption counter.

Ideal Redemption Center Manager (RCM) moves customers quickly and efficiently through the redemption area, solving one of the biggest challenges in any Family Entertainment Center (FEC).

Enable up to 4 attendants to effectively serve up to 15 guests at one time.


Ideal’s Redemption Center Manager (RCM) provides the industry’s original and most robust redemption solution. Designed to increase your arcade revenue by dramatically improving service and throughput at the redemption counter.

Customers spend less time waiting and more time playing!

Advanced Control

Ideal RCM has the most complete inventory software on the market along with advanced control features. Ideal RCM reduces labor costs while eliminating long lines. In addition, Ideal RCM helps operators supervise and manage receipts, internal transfers, redemption, refunding, and inventory reporting of inventory.

Eliminates confusion at the redemption counter.


Maintains vendor information. Automatically calculates points values. Guests can bank unused points into their own personal savings account or receive a bar-coded voucher for future use.

Actionable Reports

Provides re-order reports based on sales history. Anyone can generate actionable reports.


Integrates with scales and ticket eaters. Electronic inventory and processing controls.

Inventory Management

With Ideal Software you can generate, send and receive POs from some of the most widely used redemption merchandise distributors.  Upload digital packing lists (DPL) directly to the system for quick inventory calculations.  Generate barcodes for ease of inventory tracking.

The industry’s original and most robust redemption solution.

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