About Us

Our president and CEO, David Goldman, has had a passion for the family entertainment industry since 1976 when his family were FEC owners themselves. David knew that software could be key to running a more profitable operation, but there wasn't anything on the market that fit his vision.

David saw the need for software systems that would enable any business, but especially FEC’s, to operate more efficiently. After graduating from the University of Texas, David returned to his hometown of Meridian, MS and set to work creating the ideal software solution for family entertainment businesses. His work in developing one of the earliest POS systems for FECs was a natural extension of the family business. In 1983, Ideal Software Systems, Inc. was officially launched.

As the industry has grown, so have the software solutions offered by Ideal, as well as the diversity of venues in which they are used.


Today, Ideal Software stands out as the most experienced software company in the family entertainment market. IdealOne systems are in hundreds of businesses across the United States and in many foreign countries. Ideal Software can be found in family entertainment centers, waterparks, restaurants, zoos, retail stores, museums, laser tag facilities, and theme parks, just to name a few.

Ideal Software stands behind each of our products with technical support and assistance around the clock. Our call center is located at our headquarters in Meridian, MS.


As Ideal has responded to feature requests over the years, our software has evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. The result is a suite of products that is unparalleled in the industry, with more applications than any system on the market. Best of all, every application and piece of hardware integrates as part of the complete IdealOne solution.

In the Ideal world, we are more than a software provider – we are a business partner that works with you to solve problems and create ways to manage your business more efficiently.

The Ideal Software Systems family has expanded to included not only the IdealOne suite for family entertainment centers, but also software for other industries, including the rent-to-own business. You can learn more about our other products by visiting the Ideal Software Systems website.

The IdealOne team is standing by to help your business craft the perfect solution for managing all your profit centers. We offer modules for POS, cashless, party booking, online ticketing, food & beverage and more.


In an Ideal world, you get one software that does it all. The opportunities to grow your business are endless.