In an Ideal world, you get one software that does it all.

Introducing IdealOne, the one POS software system that will manage your entire family entertainment center. Point-of-sale, Food & Beverage, Inventory, Access Control, Cashless Card System, Online Booking, Online Ticketing, Redemption Center, Waivers and so much more. The opportunities to grow your business are endless.

Point of sale is the heart and brain that links together your FEC's profit centers, and the central hub that enables all other selling opportunities.

Our flexible cashless system lets you maximize play and profits. Adjust prices to pull more customers at off-peak times and max out profits during prime play hours like Friday nights.

Seamless online reservation booking pulls from the same capacity as your on-site bookings. The system knows the exact availability, in real time, so you never double book.

Full color, touch-screen kiosks can sell tickets or food & beverage. Reduce lines and free your staff to enhance other customer experiences.

Sell tickets on your own site anytime, from the smallest operations to large-scale events. Manage multiple ticket levels, quantities, season passes, coupon codes and social media sharing.

Max out your concessions sales with multiple means of purchase. Guests can order and pay at the counter, from a self-service kiosk, or from your own customer app.

Wait on several customers at once, allowing them time to choose prizes. Let the software auto-calculate and track balances. Barcode controls make transactions easy.

Send your staff onto the game floor with mobile POS equipped on tablets. Refill game cards, place F&B orders, or manage party guest check-ins on the go.


Cashless systems are integral to creating an integrated customer experience and propelling business. Customers who use debit-style cards typically spend 15% more because cards give them the key to your entire facility (not just the handful of attractions they came to play). 

Featured Products

IdealOne offers a full array of platforms for standard or customized self-service kiosks. Customers can use kiosks to purchase entry tickets, buy and reload game cards, and even order food. 

IdealOne Customer F&B App for FECs

Put purchasing power directly in your guests' hands. Customers can place and pay for food orders that are sent directly to the kitchen. Families can manage each member's game card balances and reload on the go.

POS is where most of your transactions take place, making it the hub of immense data that can be compiled and analyzed in ways to make your business more profitable. All financial transactions are done within our suite, without passing through multiple systems that don't speak the same language. Manage cashless, party scheduling, capacity, concessions and beyond.


Provide an ideal customer experience when booking parties and events. Customers can book online from the convenience of their home, or at an in-store POS station. All bookings update in real time so available time slots are always up to date. Other features include automatic email confirmations, customer contracts, and organized deposits.

IdealOne redemption center manager allows you to do more with less staff. Serve up to 15 guests at one time. Instantly read ticket balances on cashless game cards and redeem points with barcoded inventory.  It's easy to monitor the flow of inventory, reduce shrinkage, and handle reordering.


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    Only IdealOne amusement software provides modules for every area of your entertainment business. We offer hardware plus an all-in-one software that includes modules for point of sale, cashless game play, events booking, self-service kiosks and more. Learn more about how we can help your company grow.

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