Roller Skating Rinks

Keep the profits rolling in with a complete POS system that does it all.

There are several areas of a roller skating rink that could benefit from an all-in-one POS system. Manage your point of sale, skate rentals, concessions, party bookings, and more from one central hub. IdealOne software keeps your business organized, efficient, and able to earn more while saving on overhead and labor.

IdealOne POS System for Roller Skating Rinks
IdealOne Point of Sale Terminal

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    Product Highlights

    • Ideal POS
    • Cashless System
    • Event Scheduling
    • Food & Beverage

    Our comprehensive point of sale system controls all your profit centers from one integrated hub. Use cash controls for inventory and invoicing. Gain a big picture view of operations with extensive reporting analytics. Easily export data to accounting and payroll software to manage labor costs. Store customer data for marketing outreach.

    Does your roller skating rink also offer arcade games or additional attractions? Use a cashless system for game play or to allow entry. Sell entitlements and time play from anywhere and get real-time data on game performances.

    Make party scheduling easy and intuitive, with seamless online booking that pulls from the same capacity as your on-site bookings. The system knows the exact availability in real time, so you can max out capacity without fear of double booking. Customers can even pre-order food and beverage and party favors in advance. 

    Guests can order concessions at the counter, from a self-service kiosk, or from their own mobile phone with a branded customer app. Orders go straight to kitchen display or kitchen printers. Manage restaurant capabilities with customized floor layout and individual table management. Manage table wait times with text-message notifications when a table or party room is ready. 

    There's no need for multiple software when IdealOne can manage your entire roller skating rink from one database. Sell admission or skate rentals from the same terminal that can issue cashless game cards for arcade games, book party rooms, or order concessions. Operate your POS from counter terminals or even on the go with mobile POS. Customer app or self-service kiosks allow guests to order concessions or refill game cares on their own.

    Process payments, sell admission, rent skates or book parties from one POS.

    IdealOne Point of Sale for Skating Rinks
    IdealOne F&B Sales for Roller Skating Rinks

    From snack bars to table service dining, there’s no need to rely on a separate POS for your food and beverage services. Guests can place orders at the counter, from a staff member with mobile POS, through a self-service kiosk, or from your own branded customer app.

    Reduce lines at the counter with strategically placed self-service F&B kiosks. Guests will have access to your entire menu. Full color touch screens can be updated as menu items or prices change. Orders placed at the kiosks head straight your your kitchen display or printer.

    IdealOne Self-Service Kiosksfor Skating Rinks

    Your point of sale system is on the go with IdealOne. All of the POS profit centers of your FEC are accessible from anywhere in your facility, with use of a tablet. Load game cards, place food orders, book events and even accept payments with mobile POS. Send your employees out onto the game floor to provide unparalleled customer service. 

    Sell tickets online 24/7 from your own web page branded with your logo and colors. Track sales and venue performance with advanced reporting tools. Monitor your ticket sales in real time and maximize your event capacity.

    From the smallest operations to large-scale events, IdealOne makes managing multiple ticket levels, quantities, selling season passes, using coupon codes and sharing social network links easy.

    IdealOne Mobile Ticketing for Skating Rinks

    Validate tickets with a laptop, mobile phone or Ideal’s mobile POS. You’ll have added security as you immediately cancel tickets so it can no longer be used.

    Manage customized party packages with the built-in calendar. Print party planning sheets for Party Coordinators. Send digital waivers via email to invitees ahead of time to speed up check-in. Link children to a parent's account to manage game card balances and waivers.

    IdealOne Online Booking For Skating Rinks
    IdealOne Customer App for Roller Skating Rinks

    Hungry guests can place food orders without waiting on lines at the counter. The IdealOne customer app puts menu purchasing power directly into their hands. Orders and processed from selection to payment in one smooth transaction. Guests can take their time perusing your menu selections without having to wait in line.

    Offer booking capabilities for party rooms from your own website. Set your available dates and resources for seamless integration of online and in-person bookings. Never worry about double booking while maximizing your resource capacity. 

    Comprehensive party-entry forms allow your to print party planning sheets for your Party Coordinators. Party guests can even complete digital waivers in advance. 

    IdealOne Online Booking For Skating Rinks