IdealOne is the choice software to manage a family entertainment business form any industry. Our clients include family entertainment centers (FECs), water parks, trampoline parks and more. Explore below for solutions tailored specifically for your business model.

IdealOne POS Software for FECs

IdealOne POS for family entertainment centers controls every operation. From cashless game play to redemption, IdealOne does it all.

IdealOne POS Software for Water Parks

Features like season passes, cabana rentals, and self-service kiosks make IdealOne the perfect management software for water parks.

IdealOne POS Software for Trampoline Parks

The IdealOne POS for trampoline parks has everything you'll need. Sell capacity and manage timed attractions. Book parties online or through the POS. Digital waivers keep you covered.

IdealOne POS Software for Theme Parks

Keep entry lines short with self-service ticketing kiosks. Control lines and ticket validation with access control entry. Sell season passes and setup self-service food kiosks throughout your amusement park.

IdealOne POS Software for Bowling

Keep your bowling facility operating smoothly with IdealOne POS software. Use cashless modules for your built-in arcade or easy ordering options for your snack bar. IdealOne software integrates with lane control.

IdealOne POS Software for Skating Rinks

Skating Rinks

Roller skating rinks can use IdealOne POS to sell admission tickets and rent skates. In addition, the cashless system is invaluable for arcade games or concessions. Setup kiosks for self-service ordering

IdealOne POS Software for Campgrounds


Products like RFID enabled wristbands make IdealOne the perfect software to manage campgrounds. Manage cabin bookings through the IdealOne booking module - either online or on site.

IdealOne POS Software for Caverns


Seamless online reservation booking pulls from the same capacity as your on-site bookings. The system knows the exact availability, in real time, so you never double book.

IdealOne POS Software for Museums


Sell admission tickets through the IdealOne POS in your facility or online at any time. Regulate crowds with capacity controls and timed visits. Setup self-service kiosks to minimize lines at snack bar areas.

IdealOne POS Software for Zoos and Aquariums

Zoos and Aquariums

Looking for a POS software to manage your zoo or aquarium? Use IdealOne to sell tickets online or at your facility with self-service kiosks. Control capacity to manage crowds.

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    Only IdealOne amusement software provides modules for every area of your entertainment business. We offer hardware plus an all-in-one software that includes modules for point of sale, cashless game play, events booking, self-service kiosks and more. Learn more about how we can help your company grow.