Food & Beverage

Complete POS Solution For Any Type of Food Service

From snack bars to table service dining, there’s no need to rely on a separate POS for your food and beverage services. Guests can place orders at the counter, from a staff member with mobile POS, through a self-service kiosk, or from your own branded customer app.

IdealOne Point of Sale Terminal for Amusement Industry
IdealOne Self-Service Kiosk

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    Product Highlights

    • Mobile Ordering
    • Self-Service Kiosks
    • Upsell Opportunities
    • Direct-To-Kitchen
    • Restaurant Features

    Guests can place orders and pay from anywhere with the IdealOne branded customer app. Orders are direct to kitchen in one smooth transaction.

    Full-color touchscreen kiosks can be positioned in attractive locations to boost food sales.

    Customize your menu to make the most of upsell opportunities. Put extras like desserts front and center.

    Whether guests order at the counter, from a kiosk, or from their own smartphone, orders go straight to your kitchen display or printer.

    Enable table service dining with waitlist, including a feature to text guests when their table is ready.

    Hungry guests can keep playing without leaving the game floor. The IdealOne customer app puts menu purchasing power directly into their hands. Orders and processed from selection to payment in one smooth transaction. Guests can take their time perusing your menu selections without having to wait in line.

    Entice their tastebuds with mobile ordering.


    You’re In Control

    You have total control over checks, with powerful management functions such as tabs for managing parties throughout the facility, the ability to split and combine checks, and the control to reassign items, seats and tables. Your server can even be equipped with a mobile POS station, which allows them to add value to a customer’s cashless card, schedule a party, or access any other profit center with a single touch.


    Maximize Your Profit Centers

    Don't miss out on the chance to grow your revenue. Build on your facility's core services with food & beverage offerings. Make the customer experience more enjoyable while building on your profits. Dining is an important part of the guest experience that can create happy return customers.


    These stand-alone stations can be integrated with your menu so that customers can place food orders on their own. With only a debit or credit card, the entire transaction is securely processed from start to finish. The kiosk sends the order directly to the kitchen so there’s no need for a separate system.

    Guests can book parties at your facility or via your website. Upsell party packages with F&B offerings like cake or snacks. Manage your table reservations and party rooms through the same integrated system that runs your entire facility.


    Fully Compatible

    The IdealOne food & beverage module can be utilized with your kitchen printer or kitchen display. Keep orders organized with the method that works best for you.


    Mobile POS

    Send your employees out onto the game floor to take food and beverage orders with IdealOne mobile POS. Full-service restaurants can provide table service waiters who can answer questions or make recommendations while taking food orders. In addition, staff can reload game cards, check balances, or perform other duties. Guests will love that service comes straight to them instead of having to wait in line.


    If your FEC offers table service, you’ll want to take advantage of the unique waitlist feature for restaurants. Track when guests arrive and the size and name of their party. Instead of investing in a pager system, guests can receive a text notification straight to their phone when their table is ready.  In fact, customers can even text back if they need more time to enjoy game play before being seated. You get to choose between default responses, or write your own.

    Text-message notifications keep waitlists short.


    Flexible Kitchen Options

    The Ideal ONE system is uniquely capable of handling everything from table assignment and kitchen display to deep features such as menu building, food inventory management and hold-and-fire order submitting.  In addition to all of this, you receive detailed reports.


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