Streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and increase revenue - with IdealOne cashless.

One prepaid game card is all your guests will need to access your entire family entertainment center's games and attractions. Cashless is the key to unlock the fun. Best of all, customers who use debit-style cards typically spend 15% more. In fact, research shows that customers load more money on cards than they would spend with tokens. You can even encourage spending by providing bonuses, such as a "Buy $50 and get $10 Bonus" offer.

IdealOne Cashless Game Card for Family Entertainment Center
IdealOne Cashless Game Card

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    Product Highlights

    • Flash Reader
    • Access Control
    • Self-service Kiosk
    • Redemption

    IdealOne's flash reader can read cards swiped from any direction or orientation. Readers can also be enabled with one-tap RFID technology. The full-color video screen and audio makes ticketless play a fun customer experience.

    Take control of entry points with IdealOne access control. Customize entry with a cash value or specific entry rights. Customers can scan cashless cards, printed tickets, wristbands, or even smart phones for access.

    Game card kiosks can sell game cards or be used to check or reload balances. The entire transaction including payment can be fulfilled at the kiosk.

    Choose tickets or ticketless play for redemption. With ticketless play, the game card can store a user's earned points. Guests can trade their points for prizes at the redemption counter.

    Adjust your game prices to drive customer traffic at off-peak times while maintaining premium pricing during your busiest hours. The flash reader can be enabled with one-tap RFID technology, or use an optical scan to read a game card from any direction.

    Customers who use debit-style cards typically spend 15% more.

    IdealOne Game Card Kiosk

    Allow guests the freedom to purchase game cards, load cards, and check balances from a self-service game card kiosk. Save on personnel resources while still meeting your customers' needs. Kiosks are a great low-contact option that keep customers playing and spending.

    Offer booking capabilities for party rooms or cabanas from your own website. Set your available dates and resources for seamless integration of online and in-person bookings. Never worry about double booking while maximizing your resource capacity. 

    Comprehensive party-entry forms allow your to print party planning sheets for your Party Coordinators. Party guests can even complete digital waivers in advance. 


    Sell tickets online 24/7 from your own web page branded with your logo and colors. Track sales and venue performance with advanced reporting tools. Monitor your ticket sales in real time and maximize your event capacity.

    From the smallest operations to large-scale events, IdealOne makes managing multiple ticket levels, quantities, selling season passes, using coupon codes and sharing social network links easy.

    Validate tickets with a laptop, mobile phone or Ideal’s mobile POS. You’ll have added security as you immediately cancel tickets so it can no longer be used.


    Ideal Redemption Center Manager (RCM) moves customers quickly and efficiently through the redemption area, solving one of the biggest challenges in any Family Entertainment Center (FEC).

    Sell every minute of the day to maximize your revenue potential. Whether you have jump time with limited capacity or tours with a specific time and limited capacity, the software easily manages it all keeping you informed of available capacity in real time.


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