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Online Commerce

Online ticketing gives you a quick, worry free way to increase your business online.

Online Commerce Features

  • Sell 24/7
  • Validation Options
  • Secure credit card processing
  • Integrates with in-store POS
  • Branded with your company’s logo and colors

Increased Revenue

Sell tickets online 24/7 branded with your logo and colors.

Track sales and venue performance with advanced reporting tools. Scan and validate any ticket with a computer; tablet or smart phone. Monitor your ticket sales in real time and maximize your event capacity.

Avoid Lines

Sell tickets from your website with Ideal Online Ticketing, 24/7. As a result your customers will avoid lines and your business will make more revenue. Furthermore, validate tickets with a laptop, mobile phone or Ideal’s mobile POS. You’ll have added security as you immediately cancel tickets so it can no longer be used.

Season Passes online

Your business will make more revenue.

online tickets

Ideal makes selling online easy.

It’s Easy!

Online Ticketing from your Ideal Software System is an easy way to sell tickets on your own site anytime. From the smallest operations to large-scale events, Ideal makes managing multiple ticket levels, quantities, selling season passes, using coupon codes and sharing social network links easy.

Electronic Tickets. Tickets to manage tours and capacity. Tickets to manage time and capacity. Therefore there are many ways to expand your business online.

Expand your business with online sales.

online ticketing

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Only IdealOne amusement software provides modules for every area of your entertainment business. We offer hardware plus an all-in-one software that includes modules for point of sale, cashless game play, events booking, self serve kiosks and more. Learn more about how we can help your company grow.

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