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Build your business with online ticketing.

Sell tickets from your own website that update in real time with your in-store POS. One single system tracks everything from schedules to payments to reporting. There's no need for additional software or to copy from one system to another.

IdealOne Point of Sale Terminal for Amusement Industry
IdealOne Online Ticketing

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    Product Highlights

    • Fully Integrated
    • Maximize Capacity
    • Upsell Opportunities
    • Easy Validation

    Keep track of capacity and sales from one single POS system. It doesn't matter if tickets are purchased online, from a kiosk, or at a register. It's all tracked securely from one central database.

    Set your available dates and resources, and see open assets in real time. Online ticketing integrates seamlessly with your in-store POS so you'll always know availability for attractions like bumper cars.

    Increase sales by offering add-on products along with tickets, such as game cards.

    Validate tickets with a laptop, mobile phone, or Ideal's mobile POS. Guests can show their ticket via a printout or even on their smartphone.

    Sell Tickets 24/7

    Electronic tickets give you a quick, worry-free way to increase your business online. Max out your capacity with sales that update in real time. All online sales update seamlessly with your in-store POS so you'll always know availability.

    Tickets can be printed at home, sent via email, or redeemed via smart phone.


    Sell season passes online to increase your overall sales revenue. Export customer information for outbound marketing programs. Send customers season pass renewal notices via email. Customers can add value to a ticket or season pass from a smart phone.

    Keep business booming all season long by selling passes online.

    Easy Validation

    Purchased tickets can be printed, sent to email, or sent to a mobile device. Scan and validate tickets at your location with a POS station, ACE turnstyle, computer, tablet or smart phone. Keep those entry lines short and speedy.


    Multitude of Features

    Want to sell season passes? Or how about accept coupon codes? It's all possible with IdealOne. Our software also lets you manage multiple ticket levels and quantities, as well as set VIP pricing. List as many inventory items or events as you would like. You can even share links to social media.

    From the smallest operations to large-scale events, IdealOne has the ticket features you need.

    Secure Online Processing

    Our reliable hosted service encrypts sensitive data and keeps purchases secure. Your customers will love the peace of mind of knowing their debit or credit card information is safe.


    Save on Employee Labor

    Online ticketing from IdealOne is the easy way to sell tickets on your own site, from the smallest operations to large-scale events. Customers will love the convenience of purchasing tickets and other items any time, and from the convenience of anywhere. You’ll love racking up all those extra sales that don’t require any employee labor or overhead. Saving time and resources is a win-win!

    Utilize employees in other ways to create a unique guest experience.

    Integrated Reporting

    Since the online ticketing feature is part of the entire IdealOne suite, you’ll have 24/7 access to real-time activity reports. You’ll be able to easily track your online and overall sales.


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