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Kilkenny Bowl goes Cashless with IdealOne

October 5th, 2021 Posted by Events, Interviews 0 thoughts on “Kilkenny Bowl goes Cashless with IdealOne”

After almost a year of closure due to the Pandemic, Kilkenny Bowl in Kilkenny, Ireland (K-Bowl KK), reopened its doors on September 20th, having installed the IdealOne Cashless and Redemption system into the Amusement Arcade during the latest lockdown.

“We had been thinking about going Cashless in the arcade for a while and after evaluating the different systems in the market we decided to install the Cashless System from IdealOne” said Shane Murphy, owner of K-Bowl.

“We wanted to modernize our arcade operation to not only improve the guest experience but to also streamline the arcade operation in general.

Now our customers will simply purchase or top up their game cards and Tap to Play the games and also store their redemption points on their card too, taking cash out of the Arcade will save us so much time and money and will also allow us to be more creative with our game pricing and giving us the chance to offer Happy Hours, upsell different packages and other promotions & benefits to our card holders.”

“The installation was straightforward and managed remotely by the teams at Ideal and K-Bowl and I have to say that from the initial briefing they really took their time to understand what we were looking to achieve and supported us all the way through from planning to installation and training to going live,” explained Murphy.

John Vallis, IdealOne’s VP International Business Development said, “We are delighted to welcome Kilkenny Bowl to the IdealOne family and would like to thank Shane and his team for their close cooperation and dedication during this first phase of the project.”

“Cashless systems are fast becoming part of the overall evolution of the Family Entertainment industry. The systems not only enable operators to remove cash from the game floor, which streamlines the operation and improves the guest experience, but they also allow operators to fully manage the business using one system to unite all aspects of the business. We look forward to working with Shane and the team to implement our Party Booking software and F&B POS in the near future,” Vallis concluded.

Helpful Tips – Edition 3

April 26th, 2020 Posted by Helpful Tips During COVID-19 Pandemic 0 thoughts on “Helpful Tips – Edition 3”

Great Ideas for “Buy It Now” Promos

Generate revenue for your family entertainment center by selling discounted game cards and packages now, for validation later when you reopen.

Future Fun Pass

Get customers thinking ahead for future fun. Offer a special discount that’s only available for purchase now, with redemption at a later time. Make it clear that the validation dates will be for when your business reopens.

No Expiration Dates

Let customers know that the play time they purchase now won’t expire.

All-Inclusive Packages

Offer play packages that come with a fun extras like a free t-shirt, food & beverage voucher, redemption prize, and other freebies — when purchased in advance.

Flash Sale

Try offering different special deals for only 24 hours, once a week. Include a countdown timer to create urgency to purchase.

Create a “You Deserve Some Fun” Campaign

Offer special party packages that can be prepaid and gifted to a group of essential employees, such as the staff at a doctor’s office. Give customers the option to include a personalized message, and free surprise delivery to the business of choice. Market it as a way to let workers know they’re appreciated and can look forward to enjoying a fun coworker outing when life gets back to normal.

Helpful Tips – Edition 2

April 16th, 2020 Posted by Helpful Tips During COVID-19 Pandemic 0 thoughts on “Helpful Tips – Edition 2”

Meal Delivery and Pickup

Keep your restaurant or quick service cafe operating by advertising meal delivery and curbside pickup to your customers. Benefits they will appreciate include:

  • Convenient and easy to order
  • Helps support a local business
  • Highest standards for sanitary food preparation
  • No evidence of COVID-19 transmission associated with food, according to the CDC

Stand Out In Customers’ Minds

Be a guest’s first choice for meal delivery with these creative ideas:

Get Charitable

Donate meals to essential workers like doctor’s offices. Consider offering a discount especially for essential employees like healthcare professionals, first responders, delivery drivers and grocery store employees.

Cater to Kids

Most FECs sell quick service food that’s kid approved like burgers, chicken tenders, and hot dogs. But you won’t be on most people’s minds for meal deliveries. Stand out by providing customized “Kid Meals” with extras like helium balloons, activity sheets, stickers, and a surprise toy from the redemption counter.

But Don’t Forget Parents

Does your FEC have a liquor license? Let customers order a bottle of wine or six-pack of beer along with their meals. Put that margarita machine to use. Add specialty cocktails and mixed drinks to your adult beverage menu, and include those to-go options with meals. It’s a simple way to stand out from other quick service restaurants who have similar food choices, but don’t sell alcohol. Be sure to follow your area’s rules and regulations regarding ID checks and delivery.

Sell Meal Kits

In addition to offering prepared quick service food, consider selling meal kits. You provide the ingredients (purchased wholesale) and instructions for a family-fun cooking experience. Get started with simple kits like pizza dough, sauce and toppings – and grow from there. Other easy meal kits could be supplies for a nachos or hot dog bar.

Specialty Creations

Try creating wacky, limited-time-only menu options with what you have. For example, invent a crazy stacked burger with donuts and other toppings. Promote the item’s sales on social media with video eating challenges and prizes to those who can complete in under 20 minutes.

Deliver Specialty Party Treats

Parents can surprise their kids with treats like a bag of snow cone ice and a selection of syrups in to-go vials. Other treats they might enjoy having delivered (and that other restaurants don’t sell) include cotton candy, funnel cakes, or flavored popcorns.

Publicize Specials

It’s simple, but it works. Consider offering specials like a free kids meal with purchase of two adult meals. Other ideas could include a free beverage, side or dessert.

Ready to Get Started?

Choose from one of the popular delivery services below. Simply click on the logo to be redirected to the restaurant sign-up page.

Helpful Tips – Edition 1

April 9th, 2020 Posted by Helpful Tips During COVID-19 Pandemic 0 thoughts on “Helpful Tips – Edition 1”

Get ideas to generate revenue, while following social distancing guidelines.

Trade Out Your Clover Devices For Ingenico

June 28th, 2019 Posted by Helpful Hints 0 thoughts on “Trade Out Your Clover Devices For Ingenico”

Ideal now offers an alternative payment processing device than the Clover.  Now you have the opportunity to obtain that new device at no cost until the end of the year. Our partner Card Connect will replace Clover devices with Ingenico devices for free, through the end of 2019. Why switch? This new Ingenico payment device uses a different mode of communication that makes it more stable when processing transactions and has no USB dependencies.  Communication is faster and consistent every transaction. Call Ideal support at (601) 703-0165 to obtain your free Ingenico devices before this promotion is over.

Save Costs with Inventory Kiosks

June 28th, 2019 Posted by Helpful Hints 0 thoughts on “Save Costs with Inventory Kiosks”

With the rising costs of employees, finding innovative ways to reduce overhead and costs is something Ideal aspires to achieve.  We are proud to announce our new IdealOne inventory kiosk. Our new self service kiosk allows you to enhance your guest experience while saving you overhead making you more profit.

Food & Beverage Kiosk

Our unique software & hardware solution will be a great addition to your business.  Our software allows you to build and setup your customer screens with custom graphics and functionality.  The Food and Beverage kiosk allows guests to order their own food, offer up-sale items and send orders straight to the kitchen upon payment of the order. The entire process is streamlined from order to payment, without needing a single employee to process the order.

Self Service Ticketing Kiosk

Do you struggle with many ticket windows and many employees to operate them? You can now reduce that heavy cost by installing Ideal’s Self Service Ticketing Kiosk. Customize the look and feel of your kiosk so your guests can easily place their order and receive their tickets to get scanned at the gate. Simple, fast and easy to use will streamline the entry of your park. 

With minimum wage rates rising around the country, these inventory kiosks are the perfect solution to cutting your labor costs. Customers can enjoy all the benefits of self-service, and you can enjoy your increased savings. Would you like to learn more? Call us (601-482-4977) to speak to a consultant today.

Ideal’s Online Help Center

June 28th, 2019 Posted by Did You Know? 0 thoughts on “Ideal’s Online Help Center”

Ideal Software Systems is renowned for its 24/7 support team. Did you know that there’s even more help available to you via our online Help Center? Our ticketing system allows you to view all your tickets and see its status, add notes and communicate directly to an Ideal support tech as well as submit new ticket inquiries. Our online help center also includes access to a wealth of articles and how-to tips that can help you troubleshoot or learn something new. All you need is to set yourself up with an account and you can browse topics and get started with training articles.

To access the help center, visit From there, simply use the search bar to type the topic you want to know more about, and pertinent articles will appear. It’s easy to use and we think our clients will find the help center to be a great asset. If you still need help, please don’t hesitate to contact our wonderful support team at 601-703-0165.

Interview with John Vallis, International Business Development

June 28th, 2019 Posted by Interviews 0 thoughts on “Interview with John Vallis, International Business Development”

How did you get connected with Ideal?

I first met with the IDEAL team four years ago. I was visiting the IAAPA show in the USA on behalf of my previous employer SUZOHAPP. At that time SUZOHAPP was looking to find a systems company to represent in Europe. The IDEAL team was very friendly and professional and left an excellent impression.
I’m extremely proud to represent such a knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated team of people who literally live and breathe our products and who are constantly striving to provide robust and workable solutions for our customers.

What are your goals for International expansion?

I am very excited about our global opportunities. IDEAL has been in business for 37 years and has a great track record in the USA. That means a great deal and it gives a positive feeling to potential new customers who can see that our system is not only tried and tested but has unique benefits as well.

Our strategy is to build up a global distribution network. Apart from the UK and Ireland where we sell directly, we are right now actively seeking companies to support us.

To quote a cliché…Rome wasn’t built in a day, however with a great team back at base, a great suite of products and the commitment from the company to expanding our market presence, we are certainly headed in the right direction.

What are some accomplishments you’ve already made?

Our first installation outside the USA is at King’s Bastion Leisure Centre in Gibraltar. John Azzopardi is the Managing Director there, please let me share his comments with you: “Market feedback showed us that installing a cashless system can increase our revenue by up to 15% on a permanent basis. All these benefits convinced us to take this step and invest in IDEAL.
IDEAL is future-proof. We are already planning our next steps to make the most out of opportunities it offers us, including introducing a loyalty programme and enabling our customers to top up their cards online. We truly believe that our customers will see the benefits of cashless play. We have already received positive feedback from parents who appreciate the option of putting a set amount on a card for their children to enjoy.”

Outside of the USA we are starting to establish the company name, the brand and just how comprehensive our product offering is and we are working on a number of exciting projects at the moment so watch this space……………

How have your experiences at the tradeshows gone?

Outside of the USA, we have been present at the AALARA conference in Australia, the InterFun Expo in Leeds, UK and most recently at the IAAPA Expo Asia in Shanghai.
Our experience so far has been very positive.
Visitors to our stand really appreciated the fact that our system covers all requirements – as our company logo says – ONE system that does it all. As John in Gibraltar said, our system is future-proof. Furthermore, we have an excellent track record – as I said previously – we have been selling systems successfully for 37 years now.


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