Helpful Tips – Edition 1

Generating Income While Closed

Our team at IdealOne has put together a few ideas you can implement to keep revenue flowing.

Gift Cards

Communities are asking how they can keep their local business open during these times. Gift cards are a GREAT way to generate revenue while you’re closed.

  • Sell cards online
  • Create specials or package deals
  • Share social media games and contests to win gift cards and/or other prizes

Remember, if a customer has your gift card now they will visit your facility later – increasing traffic and sales.

Make Birthdays Special… Every Day!

Offer your guests new and creative ways to keep celebrating!

Party Bags

  • Put together parties-in-a-bag for people celebrating at home
  • Include redemption items, game cards, and party supplies you already have
  • Sanitize each item and advertise that you do so
  • When we are released to go socialize, make sure your gift card is sitting on their night stand reminding them where to go.

Online Party Booking

Make use of this valuable resource with the following techniques:

  • Use your customer database to find customers with a birthday coming up.
  • Missing a birthday party due to quarantine? Send a party gift bag to arrive on the child’s birth date. Include a party secured certificate for the future date to confirm their party will happen. Make the birthday package extra special by adding a redemption toy, gift cards, and invitations to give their friends so their special day will still be a memorable one.
  • Don’t forget the customers whose birthdays have just passed and might still want to celebrate when social distancing is over.