IdealOne Celebrates 40 Years of Excellence

IdealOne: the leading name in cashless POS software is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, meaning that IdealOne stands out as the most experienced software company in the family entertainment market!

IdealOne systems are in hundreds of businesses across the United States and in many foreign countries. Ideal Software can be found in family entertainment centers, waterparks, restaurants, zoos, retail stores, museums, laser tag facilities, and theme parks, just to name a few.

IdealOne President and CEO, David Goldman, has had a passion for the family entertainment industry since 1976 when his family were FEC owners themselves. David knew that software could be key to running a more profitable operation, but there wasn’t anything on the market that fit his vision.

David saw the need for software systems that would enable any business, but especially FECs, to operate more efficiently. After graduating from the University of Texas, David returned to his hometown of Meridian, MS and set to work creating the ideal software solution for family entertainment businesses. His work in developing one of the earliest POS systems for FECs was a natural extension of the family business. In 1983, Ideal Software Systems, Inc. was officially launched.

“They say that if you love the work you do, you never work a day in your life and that’s how I still feel 40 years on!” laughs David. “The company goes from strength to strength thanks to my fantastic team and wonderful customers all over the world. The business and the vision I had back then have grown into something I could never have conceived and I am extremely grateful.”