The one complete system that makes more money for your business.


Ideal Amusement Cashless POS Software is the most user-friendly and versatile software program in the amusement industry today. We offer the most comprehensive set of software modules that integrate seamlessly with your Ideal POS.


Ideal Redemption Center Manager (RCM) moves customers quickly and efficiently through the redemption area, solving one of the biggest challenges in any Family Entertainment Center (FEC).


Increase revenue by going cashless! Customers tend to spend more when they don’t have to make a buying decision each time they play a game or choose an attraction.


Ideal Amusement Cashless POS Software is made to manage your entire facility.  Full Restaurant capabilities, Party/Event Scheduling, Inventory Management including recipe building, Capacity management and so much more.

Feature Rich

Ideal Amusement Cashless POS Software offers more features than you can shake a stick at. From a robust POS software suite that can handle the most simple transaction to a fully featured F&B with table reservation, Cashless Arcade, Redemption center, Event management, Inventory Management, Recipe Building, Capacity Management, Loyalty Programs, Marketing & Re-marketing tools, Financial Exports and so much more.

Serious Reporting

Dozens of reports and Dozen ways to organize them to help manage your business. Cashier, Tip Reports, Drawer Reports, Daily Reconciliation Reports, Sales, Inventory Usage, Transactions, Deposits, Game usage and so many more.

Fast Support

Live Support Center operating 24/7. Automatic call escalation to ensure prompt response to all support calls. Widespread service department, including a large team of Ideal Certified Technicians™(ICT), Service Administrators, and Support and Development Directors

Online Sales & Tickets

Generate sales 24/7 and increase your revenue. If you’re looking to sell tickets to an event, have limited capacity or just looking to sell game cards, coupons, or season passes; Ideal has in integrated solution to fit you need.


Don’t wait for your customers to come to you. Service them right where they are. Take orders at a table, scan tickets in the line whatever your business calls for Ideal’s mobile solution will fit.


Looking for new ways to increase your business? Need fresh industry ideas? Reach out to an Ideal specialist and we’ll help consult you with our 30+ years of industry experience.


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